4 Benefits of Adding a Koi Pond to Your Backyard

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Koi ponds have been around for centuries and are an aesthetically pleasing part of many people’s yards even today. Building a koi pond in your backyard might take a little time, but once the fish are swimming around and the shrubbery grows in, you won’t have any regrets. Here are four benefits associated with designing a koi pond.

1. Stress Relief

Being around water can relieve stress by lowering blood pressure and decreasing heart rate. If you also want to relax the mind, add a waterfall or fountain, as moving water has a calming effect. To ensure the water features are everything you want, a landscape company, such as Backyard Depot, can help you decide on a layout and make it come to life in your own backyard.

2. Wildlife Oasis

If you love wildlife, a koi pond is a good option. Not only will you be able to watch and interact with the koi, but you will also encounter other wildlife, such as turtles, butterflies, birds, and frogs. Keep in mind that when you’re building a koi pond, you may want to invest in a small fence to keep the larger predators, such as raccoons or foxes, out of the water, as they will likely eat the fish.

3. Decreased Yardwork

Most people don’t look forward to mowing the lawn. Luckily with a koi fish pond in the backyard, you will have less yardwork on your hands. You probably won’t even have to do too much with the pond itself if you have a contractor do regular koi pond maintenance.

4. Upgraded Curb Appeal

Not only will your yard look nice, but the pond’s addition will increase your home’s value. If you eventually want to sell your home, a koi pond will likely entice more buyers and boost the profit. Additionally, upon seeing the koi pond, your friends and neighbors will be impressed with its style.

While adding a pond to your yard has perks, building the koi pond yourself might be challenging. Rather than you worrying about the process, let Backyard Depot do the legwork. If you live in Northeast Oklahoma and want your own backyard koi pond getaway, contact us today!