Backyard Pond Designs You And Your Koi Fish Will Love

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Small pond with long stream

Do you keep wondering what water feature designs are possible?

A pond is an incredible addition to any backyard. You’ll love the relaxing sights and sounds of running water, the flashing scales of lazily swimming koi fish, and watching your loved ones gather around it. To get this, you need to see what backyard pond designs are possible.

You can make it look like you built your home around your water feature with the right design. It can be the inspiration that gets others in your group to add one to their home.

Backyard Depot Ponds And Landscaping is one of Oklahoma’s leading choices for pond construction.

You can use us to create a wonderland in your backyard by using a koi pond as a focal point. People in the greater Tulsa area of Oklahoma trust us to do this for them.

Backyard Pond Designs You’ll Love

Large Bridge

Backyard pond design with wood bridge

This type of pond is ideal for large backyards. It’s definitely the main focal point, but there’s still plenty of room for other activities. You can use the large, flat stones surrounding it for seating and viewing.

Since it’s so big, a large wooden bridge goes across the middle. This gives people passage from one side to the other. It’s also another place to get a great view of the pond. Your koi fish benefit from this bridge too! It gives them a place to hide from predators and a cool, shady area to relax in.

Small bridge over small stream and platform

Circular backyard pond design with bridge

This is another of the backyard pond designs that has a bridge. The difference is this one goes over a small stream attachment.

There’s also a wooden platform by the edge, perfect for viewing. Also, by the edge of the pond are two round LED lights. They can help you see your pond at night, letting you enjoy it for longer and giving it a beautiful new look.

Log and safety siding backyard pond designs

Large shallow backyard pond design with rope safety edge

Here, one excellent design piece is the log on the side closest to the camera. The larger shallow end is ideal for dipping your feet in during the warmer months.

There are also garden lights along the edge, which take backyard pond designs to the next level. The rope around the sides lends to the look and creates a safety barrier.

Hidden fairy pond design

Smaller hidden pond

This water feature has a mysterious, hidden fairy pond feel to it. It’s on the smaller side, has a simple design, and is surrounded by life.

If you add koi fish and LED lights underwater and around the edges, it’ll add to the whole mysterious fairy pond vibe.

Multi-level waterfall and underwater lighting backyard pond designs

Smaller pond with multi-level waterfall

The focal point for this water feature is the multi-level waterfall. Waterfalls add the sight and sound of running water that people want when they get a water feature. It makes it more relaxing and peaceful.

You can also see the underwater LED lights brightening the bottom and sides of the pond. It’s best to install these as people are building your pond.

Stacked stone siding ponds

Stacked slab stone pond

The stacked stone siding is the feature of interest for this water feature. It adds a unique look not seen with many ponds, making it one of the more visually appealing backyard pond designs. Their flat tops provide a great place to stand next to.

Aquatic plants in and around the pond are a fantastic idea. They increase the visual appeal and make ponds look more natural and vibrant.

Above ground backyard pond designs

Stone retaining wall pond

You’ve just seen a picture of one of the most unique designs for ponds. The above-ground pond is a water feature not seen very often. It’s an incredible look that works particularly well when you combine it with a patio or deck.

If you don’t like the more fake stone and grout look, you can choose a different exterior.

Take Your Backyard To New Heights With A Pond From Backyard Depot Ponds And Landscaping

Did you take any ideas from the above backyard pond designs? It’s time to move away from your current backyard and into a beautiful, unique landscape.

At Backyard Depot, we know how to transform your backyard to meet the vision for what you need. We can take on any pond construction project you have in mind, no matter what it may be.

Contact us when you’re ready to talk about your project. Or, visit our pond construction and renovation page.

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