How to Make a Pondless Waterfall for the Backyard

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Another key member of the outdoor home aquatic feature team has entered the scene: the pondless waterfall. Traditional ponds are fantastic additions to any outdoor setting for tranquility, aesthetic appeal, and value. However, waterfalls are unique, and pondless additions take this concept even further.

A water garden serves as a backyard oasis, promoting stunning variation in the greenery, sheltering fish, and promoting a more balanced garden ecosystem. Likewise, a waterfall offers a cool and refreshing place to unwind in any backyard, even one that cannot support a normal pond system.

In Northeast Oklahoma, the best place to go for all these waterfall features and products is Backyard Depot Ponds and Landscaping. If you need help with installation, product choices, or design elements, these trusted professionals are a great choice. Below, the team shares everything you need to know about choosing, installing, and maintaining a pondless waterfall feature right there in your backyard.

The Perks of Yard Waterfalls

The first consideration is why a homeowner might want to install a pondless feature over a regular one. Landscape designers cite plenty of benefits to going this route, including the following:

  • Aesthetics: Few features promote relaxation like moving water and a lush garden. The look and sound of a green yard and peacefully flowing water promote absolute tranquility, and a yard waterfall only adds to this curb appeal.
  • Simple Installation: Manufacturers make a pondless water feature kit extremely easy to use. With a few materials and some elbow grease, you can transform a yard relatively quickly without professional tools or techniques.
  • Great Alternatives to Ponds: A pond is a beautiful feature, but many people do not have the space for one in an already-small backyard. You also may not want to deal with maintenance, which is why going pondless is so appealing.
  • Space-Saving Features: Small models have very short spillways and streams that you can install almost anywhere. If it is a bigger yard, why not opt for a much larger version with towering falls and a meandering stream bed?
  • Easy to Maintain: Do you plan to periodically check the core component parts? Then, waterfalls are very low-maintenance options for a backyard addition.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Pondless Waterfall Kits

Pondless Waterfall in Owasso

Where a large-scale pondless waterfall installation typically requires professional tools, simpler designs lend themselves well to pondless waterfall kits. If you are thinking of using a kit, most homeowners find them easy to install. However, there are several moving parts that need proper construction to work smoothly. 

Our experts do not recommend attempting to purchase all of these items individually—the costs accumulate, and you may miss a vital component. Kits are a convenient package, with some including features like streams, spillways, basins, barriers, and more.

Streams and Spillways

The waterfall stream and spillway options reroute the water flow from the falls to a collection basin.

  • Streams may be long or short, depending on the style you like. However, all types need adequate water-proofing material between the liquid and the ground.
  • Spillways require similar materials to prevent water loss.


The basin catches water from the stream, storing it for recycling back through the system. Home waterfall kit makers design these features for camouflage since well-concealed basins make it look like the stream is flowing through rocks or other materials into the ground. The basin’s size will depend on the dimensions and capacity of your chosen waterfall system.


What effects would you like to create in your yard? Various materials create edging barriers, including popular materials like:

  • Rocks
  • Gravel
  • Sand

Some homeowners prefer water plants growing in the soil alongside the stream for a verdant, peaceful vista.

Tips for Pondless Waterfall Pumps and Installation

Residential yards come in all shapes and sizes, and each location has its own set of surface features.

Pondless Waterfall Kit Styles

What waterfall style could you imagine adorning your front and back yard? Manufacturers design pond kits for waterfalls to meet the needs of these various types of residential landscapes, including:

  • Nature Inspired
  • Contemporary
  • Swimming Pool Fed
  • Sconces
  • Bird Bath
  • Fountain and more

Choosing the Right Pond Pump

When you select your next waterfall pump, the main consideration is capacity. The size of the pump you should buy depends on the capacity of the system. So, carefully measure the dimensions and water capacity of your system before you choose your next pump.

The information is vital in being able to choose the perfect kit with the right pump size. If you are not sure, it is best to check with expert installers like Backyard Depot Ponds and Landscaping. They can also let you know the best way to supply the pump with electricity from traditional wired sources or portable solar-powered devices.

Solar pond pumps are relatively cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives to traditional power sources. The better models have battery backups that allow the pump to operate for a while, even in the absence of sunlight. However, larger home streams and waterfalls contain more water and need larger and more powerful pumps or a combination of solar and traditional power sources.

Proper Installation Is Important

Pondless waterfall with three drops

The final step is to install the pump and waterfall correctly. Waterfall kits vary, each with its own unique requirements and warranties. 

Common waterfall installation steps include:

  • Excavation: This depends on the land and your preferred kit. You may have to do some pre-installation excavation for spillway collection, streams, or underground water reservoirs.
  • Laying Liners: The liners and underlayment prevent the water in the stream and spillway from draining so that you can enjoy the feature for longer.
  • Pipe Connection: PVC pipes and other materials carry water from the reservoir to the spillway outflow. Correctly installing these components prevents leaks and other issues.
  • Pump Installation: Most submersible pumps fit into reservoirs, making them extremely easy to install. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to call our pond professionals.

We have years of experience in the construction, maintenance, and repair of water features. Contact Backyard Depot Ponds and Landscaping through our contact form today for pondless waterfall options and other beautiful yard features.