How to Make a Pondless Waterfall for the Backyard

Another key member of the outdoor home aquatic feature team has entered the scene: the pondless waterfall. Traditional ponds are fantastic additions to any outdoor setting for tranquility, aesthetic appeal, and value. However, waterfalls are unique, and pondless additions take this concept even further. A water garden serves as a backyard oasis, promoting stunning variation […]

Fish Pond Liners: How To Choose The Perfect One For You

Choosing the right liner when installing a backyard garden pond is an important decision. Fish pond liners prove crucial for preventing leaks and keeping things like sediment and debris from entering the pond. With several options, how should you go about finding the liner that best fits your pond? Each different fish pond liner has […]

How To Build A Backyard Pond The Best Way

Waterfall and pond designed by Backyard Depot

Pond Contractors In Tulsa, Oklahoma And The Surrounding Areas Should Be Following Steps Close To These When They Build A Backyard Pond At some point during your pond project, you’ll look out back and start stressing out because you see a giant hole in your yard. Knowing what comes next can help put you more […]