A Complete Guide to Koi Fish Colors and Their Meaning

Koi ponds rate highly as popular backyard investments for their tranquility, unique appearance, and the appeal of having colorful fish living in your front or backyard. But those who aren’t koi enthusiasts might not know that hundreds of types of koi fish exist, each with distinct colors and patterns. And even those who do love […]

How Much Are Koi Fish Worth?

Feeding koi fish in pond

If you’re a homeowner planning to renovate your backyard, you might be considering investing in a koi pond. While koi ponds provide a great way to beautify your yard with unique color and style, the fish themselves can be a more expensive investment than many realize. So how much are koi fish and their ponds […]

Getting Started with Koi Ponds: A Comprehensive Guide

Many household and commercial spaces can take advantage of the elegance of koi ponds. Whether a complement to an outdoor walkway or the centerpiece in your home’s foyer, a koi pond, water garden, or various backyard ponds allow you to impress guests while caring for aquatic plants and beautiful fish. Ready to get started with […]