How Much Does It Cost To Build And Run A Backyard Pond?

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This Is How Much People Near You Are Investing To Create A Unique And Relaxing Area In Their Backyard

The cost to build a backyard pond will seem worth it when you finally have one. The beautiful sight and the calming sound of running water will help you relax (and be the envy of your friends and neighbors).

In this post, you can find the cost to build and run a backyard pond. You can also discover what can change those costs.

Smaller pond with lots of plants and a waterfall

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Backyard Pond?

The cost to build a backyard pond usually ranges from $9,000 to $95,000 and higher. The cost mainly depends on size, shape, additions/upgrades, if there are digging issues, and landscaping.

Basic backyard ponds can cost about $9,000. This can include a 6 -foot by 8-foot pond, complete with pump, skimmer, and micro falls filter, sandstone boulders, and a 1.5-foot waterfall.

Average backyard ponds can cost about $25,000. This can include a 10 by 14 pond with bio falls filter, skimmer, pump, lights, 3 tier waterfall, sandstone boulders, and surrounding landscaping.

High-end backyard ponds can cost about $95,000. This can include a large 20 by 30 pond with a 10-foot by 15-foot wetlands filter, intake bay, pump, inside and outside lights, aquatic plants, streams and waterfalls, surrounding landscaping, and a viewing patio.

*Prices are averages and can mainly change based on the factors below

What 5 Main Factors Can Change Backyard Pond Installation Costs?

  1. Size. Different size ponds need a different amount of time, labor, and materials to build. Larger ones take more, so they cost more. Smaller ones can still be costly based on the other factors here.
  2. Shape. There are basic and unique shapes for ponds. Basic shapes, like circles and squares, are easy to create. Unique shapes take extra time, work, and planning, and oftentimes extra materials and labor to create. This all adds to the cost.
  3. Additions/Upgrades. Additions and upgrades can make your pond experience more enjoyable! Underwater lights, Ion-Gen water cleaner, auto-fill system, aquatic plants, fish, solids handling pump, more waterfalls, adding a stream, adding a fountain, and others are available.
  4. Digging issues. If the digging site has issues the cost can go up. Roots, clay soil, underground electrical lines, and other obstacles make the job more complex. The contractor may need special equipment to handle it properly.
  5. Landscaping. New pond owners often want landscaping around their pond to make it look more natural and beautiful.

How Much Does A Backyard Pond Cost To Run?

The cost to run a backyard pond, meaning the cost to run the pump, can range from $5 yearly to a little over $600 per year. It mainly depends on what you pay for electricity, your particular pond pump, and if you have additions that cost money to run.

What 3 Main Factors Can Change The Cost To Run A Backyard Pond?

  1. Electric bill. People have different electric bills because they pay different amounts for electricity. This is especially true in different parts of the USA.
  2. Your pond pump. Different pond pumps need different amounts of electricity to run. It usually depends on the size of your pond.
  3. Additions. Some additions, like lights and fountains, need more electricity to run.